Facts About ARPCO!

ImageRecently, on Twitter we trended tirelessly t’while tastefully telling of thirty tiny tweet-tags talking of ARPCO’s terrific facts. (Whew! Say that five times fast.)

Or in an intelligent sentence, ARPCO followed the hashtag trend #30FactsAboutMe on Twitter. (Not nearly as much fun to say or read, but that’s just my opinion.)

I asked all members of the ARPCO team to email me three to four sentences about ARPCO, including why they enjoy working at ARPCO and facts they would like to share. In turn, I would like to share their 30+ responses with you.

Here is what they said!

Michael – Account Manager

  • We are hiring. #Whatrecession
  • Specialize in the movement of food products.
  • 25 years young #25isthenew50
  • We wear jeans on Friday’s! #YOLO

Chauncey – Expediter

  • I facilitate all your motor transportation needs with values of unparalleled integrity and excellent customer service.
  • We, here at ARPCO, ensure your sense of business security through the wonderful and ever-changing world of Logistics.
  • Having a smile is part of my uniform!!!
  • ARPCO! Why wait? Let us move your Freight!!!

Evan – Account Manager

  • We are a single source provider for ALL your logistical needs.
  • We can handle air, ocean, rail, truck, pool distribution, and warehousing in all corners of the world.
  • If there is ever a question as whether or not we can move or warehouse something, the answer is always, “Yes, we can!!”
  • You may be asking yourself how a small company can handle such large accounts. Well, we are successful with them because we are small. You will never get lost in the mix because every account is so very important to us.

Rachel –Expeditor

  • We, here at ARPCO, are like a family and take pride in our relationships with our clients and carriers.
  • We are an energized group of “go-getters” and always on the look for new clients!
  • I enjoy working here at ARPCO because we have an awesome staff and work together to achieve the goals of ARPCO!
  • If there’s ANYTHING needing to be transported, we’ll find a way to get it done!

David – Expediter

  • We have experience in moving freight – our “Intellectual Capital.”
  • Warehousing capabilities – used particularly when Super Storm Sandy ravaged the North eastern USA.
  • The scope of freight moved is awesome!
  • Carrier Partnerships – Loyalty, there is a sufficient number of carriers that will take repeat loads.
  • We have flexibility and the ability to achieve success when emergency loads pop up.
  • Diligence – Carrier Development Department’s (CDD) ability to obtain and communicate accurate carrier information in a very timely basis.
  • Business Ownership – We treat every load like we are the drivers making it happen.
  • Communication – Twice a day, we have huddles, monthly luncheons with awards, and ad hoc meetings as necessary.

Martha – Office Manager

  • ARPCO will be celebrating twenty-five (25) years of business on August 18th of this year (2013)!!
  • University of North Texas (UNT) graduates make up 40% of ARPCO’s workforce. GO Mean Green!!

Matthew – Carrier Development

  • We care about what happens in the lives of our carriers, customer, and all of those with whom we interact.
  • We utilize a “Multi-level Thinking” approach to how we do business; we analyze all aspects of the scenario at hand.

Jennifer – Track and Trace

  • ARPCO offers 24 hour tracking and tracing on loads.
  • We ensure outstanding customer service to our carriers and customers!
  • Our website receives minute-to-minute updates to show available loads.
  • ARPCO includes GPS tracking on all loads to ensure the on time delivery of your freight!

Chris – Account Manager

  • Forty percent (40%) of ARPCO’s workforce graduated from University of North Texas at Denton, one of America’s top Logistics school.
  • Every shipment’s carrier is fully vetted prior to dispatch which ensures the highest quality carrier for each of our customer’s shipments.
  • The staff is like a family, this mentality and its actions, transitions to our customers.

Shannon – Accounting Supervisor

  • We offer Quick Pay options for those running on a tight budget!
  • Due diligence is definitely TOP priority when it comes to selecting a carrier. Safety is our main concern!

Ashley – Accounting

  • We strive for quality and timely invoicing!
  • I share an amazing office with wonderful people!

Maria (Yours truly) – Media Relations

  • We arrange the safe & legal OTR & Intermodal transportation of B2B shipments nationwide.
  • ARPCO is a member of the TIA and PC10 certified.
  • Our Affinity Program facilitates the transportation of domestic truckload donations between donor and recipient charitable organizations.
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured, and a member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association.

So, as you can see, we are just a bunch of friendly transportation enthusiast who can’t wait to show you the ARPCO Brokerage Difference.

ImageSo, how may we serve YOU today?  



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