The Importance of Night Dispatch in Trucking

At ARPCO, we may not have Tom Bodett or a chain of Motel 6’s, but we can promise to keep a similar commitment to you.

At ARPCO we will keep the nightdispatch on for you.

Night Dispatch
Just kidding…we’ve updated our system.

We have a stated commitment on our website to work harder, longer, and smarter, today, tomorrow, and every day, leaving no stone unturned, to bring you quality service, added values, and cost savings on all your shipments.

The after-hours service is where the “work harder and longer” part comes into play.

Way back in 1988 when ARPCO first opened its doors, Albert (Owner/President) kept his “state of the art telephone” line open, 24 hours a day, to carriers and shippers alike.



Picture it. It’s 1:00am and your shipment was due at the dock at 12:45. The panic starts to thread its way through your veins.

“Ah! ARPCO has a night dispatch that is on call 24/7!” Quickly, you pull out your phone and are directed to one of two options. 1) To call our night dispatch team which monitors all of our freight by utilizing our hands-free, cellular-based freight tracking technology and allows you to speak to a live ARPCO representative in our night dispatch department to get a status update on the freight or 2) Call the direct line of your contact at ARPCO who will have their phones forwarded to an after-hours number. There you go, rest assured, we have you and your freight covered.

Likewise, as a carrier, if you find yourself needing a fuel advance, having trouble finding the location, or any instance that hinders the freight’s delivery at the appointed date and time, you have the ability to contact ARPCO’s after-hours services for assistance. (This is also why we encourage our carrier partners to utilize our hands-free, cellular-based Freight Tracking technology. It’s a service that works hand-in-hand with our night-dispatch team.)

ARPCO hasn’t always had an after-hours service that allowed a caller to speak to an ARPCO representative.

Once Upon a Time-

You would hear our automated phone attendant say something like “It’s three in the morning, Crazy! Our offices are closed!” – Just kidding. You would be directed, politely, to an after hours number of the account manager on duty and hope that they weren’t in a state of deep hibernation. (Let’s be understanding, we have to sleep at some point.)


Since 2012, to facilitate a need for one of our customers, we implemented a night dispatch service that guarantees you get through to a live person. We liked it so much and found it such a valuable asset that we have extended the service, free-of-charge, to ALL of our shippers and carriers. The automated attendant now says, “It’s three in the morning, Crazy! Our offices are closed! But, let me direct you to an extension of our office that is opened!”

So, there you have it! ARPCO is all about taking that extra step to keep our shippers and carriers happy. How happy? As happy as a kid with bubble-wrap, a pack-rat at a yard sale, and a truck driver with a no-touch load.

Call 817-481-7442 ext. 9, day or night, and we guarantee that we will keep the night-dispatch on for you.

We stay up, so you don’t have to.

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