Why Is Their Grass Greener?

It’s summer. The season of barbeques, vacations, sizzling days, cool nights, and green…envy?

We are all guilty of wanting the perfect swimsuit body, the fancier car, the better job, or the happier family. We fantasize what it would be like and how improved the quality of life would become – “I could be happy IF…”.

As they say, “The grass is always greener on the other side” and regardless of the season we will find ourselves wishing that we were on another side of the fence feeling the lush greenery around our toes.

But, have you ever stopped and asked yourself, “Why isn’t my grass greener? Why does my grass lack luster?”


Here are some possible solutions:

1. Spending too much time staring at the neighbor’s yard and forgetting to water your own.

>>> You can wish and wish and wish for your circumstance to improve, but it will never happen on its own. Ninety-five percent of the time the owner of the greener lawn will tell you the exact same thing. Keep in mind that the longer you stare wistfully at the greenery across the fence, the browner your lawn becomes. How can it improve? Have you put any real work into it lately? Be honest.

2. Staring at only the shadowed areas of your lawn.

>>>What are you focusing on? The argument you just had with your boss or spouse, the pressure at work, the stress of the mortgage payments and daycare fees? Instead try this, when you find yourself “jonesing” after someone’s yard, look away from the shadows in yours. Think about all the blessings in your life. Yes, they are there- A bed, roof, food, and smile on your child’s face. Once you realize that your lawn is just as green in the sunny spots – even if it’s just a different shade of green – you will find yourself more content in your lawn. Also, fertilizer for thought, a lawn needs three essentials to grow and plant deep roots: water, fertilizer, and proper nurturing. It needs daily care, not just every few weeks or right before it is about to die.

3. Your life is your lawn, take care of it.

>>>Do some yard work!  The fact is everything takes hard work if it’s worth anything. Stop comparing yourself and be proactive. Stop staring out of your cubicle making excuses for your lack of success and wishing you were somewhere else, instead make the most of your time where you are and be a success in your current position. Stop pointing out others’ flaws, i.e. your manager, co-worker, friend, or spouse,  instead compliment their successes. Stop staring in the mirror and trying to wish away the pounds, instead make healthier eating choices and exercise. The list can go on and on, but I think at this point you get the picture.

If your lawn is lacking, seriously ask yourself, “What is wrong with my own side of the fence? Why am I not fixing it? What can I do to fix it?” Then bring out the gardening tools because you have a big landscaping job ahead of you.  A positive, proactive attitude can change almost any situation.

To quote Nicholas Evans:

“I absolutely think that happiness is a choice. One of the most potent forces in human psychology is the power of habit. Do something, think something, often enough and it will become the only thing you can do or think. Choose to be unhappy and soon that’s all you will be. Live in a swamp and you’ll grow webbed feet.”

There it is. Take it or leave it,  but remember it’s completely up to you how green your lawn is. Water it regularly and watch it grow.




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