The Partnership Selling Challenge: ARPCO Edition – The Final; Part 4

One class. 
Study guides. Printed AND Online assessments.Videos. And…
ARPCO ChallengeOnly 22 weeks to enhance their sales skills by learning the survival basics of marketing principles, sales concepts, and the cutthroat drama of exposing common mistakes made by brokerage salespeople.

Read at your own pulse-pounding risk as we continue to follow the journey of two brave ARPCO employees while they attempt to complete the TIA’s grueling “Partership Selling in the Supply Chain” course.

TIA Course Challenge Refresher:

In it they will learn how to:
  • Build Partnering Relationships
  • Prospect for New Sales
  • Plan & Make Sales Calls
  • Respond to Prospect Objections
  • Build Long-Term Relationships
  • Understand Buying Behavior and the Buying Process
  • Recognize Ethical and Legal Issues in Selling

This TIA challenge stands out from others in its groundbreaking strategy of emphasizing the complete overhaul of the tired old mentality of just moving a load from here to there in a game of cat and mouse, and instead, focusing on a new mentality of building long-term relationships with customers.

This is the fourth and final installment of the TIA Partnership Selling in the Supply Chain Challenge! David is still going strong!


While he was finishing up the victory lap, I asked if he had any final advice he wanted to share from the course. I was not disappointed!

David: “Well, in the last four phases of the challenge I learned all about successfully implementing a sale from start to finish. Also, quite importantly, I learned what to do in the case of rejection and how to continue the relationship after the sale has been made.”

“Fantastic! Would you expound on all of these elements?”

David: “Certainly. The first thing you want to do once you have made the sales call and received a favorable response is obtain commitment from your prospect which keeps them mindful of you and what you are offering. Once you have this commitment, it is time to discuss the financial terms and conditions. It is key to wait until after you have given your full presentation so that your prospect knows what services they are getting for the price. Explain credit terms, shipping cost (if applicable), and if you can offer them a discount to encourage their purchase. Offer a trial period that they can try out your services for free or at a low discount. It has to be about pleasing your prospective customer, so if a discount seals the deal, why not?”

“Good point. Anything else you would like to share?”

David: “Yes! Where do I start? If you are met with an objection right away, don’t be discouraged. An objection is an opportunity for a good salesperson! It needs to be handled with skill and empathy to effectively maneuver an objection into an commitment. Now what about when you are rejected? What do you do? Consider this, maintain perspective, have pleasant manners, and I know this sounds crazy, but recommend other sources! Let them know that you really do have their best interest at heart. Likewise, something that will really stand out is to send them a ‘thank you’ note for their time. That’s especially impacting.

If you close the sale, then you need to show your appreciation! Remember, do not just abandon them after their purchase – follow up with a phone call or personal visit and monitor their order processing/set-up to be sure it goes smoothly. Did you know that 45% of buyers quit due to poor service and 20% quit a service due to being ignored? After all that sales work, you don’t want your client to feel neglected and quit for a reason like that. So, following up is KEY! Once a working relationship has been established, you can continue to up-sell your services by offering upgrades and expanded services. Just because you made one sell doesn’t mean that your job is done! Selling is a continual process built on lasting business relationships.”

“Fabulous! Thank you so much, David! You did it! Congratulations!”

There you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce that David has done it! He is the new reigning champ of the TIA Partnership Selling in the Supply Chain Challenge! It’s been a long journey, but we are excited to see David’s success and completion of the course!

Way to go, David!



(If you are just joining, please refer to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the TIA Challenge!)


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