Twenty-Five Years and a Purple Suitcase

If you drive down highway 114 in Grapevine, Texas, between Main Street and Texan Trail, you will see the big blue ARPCO letters and large bay windows from our office suite located in the warehouse district by DFW airport. But it didn’t always used to be that way.


There was a time when ARPCO was housed in Albert Puig’s home office with a row of gray filing cabinets, a rolodex, and a single 8 line telephone with blinking light-up buttons that has been ringing with the same telephone number that it has had for 25 years.

I know all of this first hand because I was there, a young blond-headed girl watching her father set ARPCO in motion from the starting gate. You could say that I have been in transportation my whole life. After school, I would drag my big purple suitcase, much too heavy for my childish arms, down the stairs, across the dining room, through the kitchen, and finally into ARPCO Transport Services’ office (or the extra room built off of the garage). In this suitcase was a white phone, piles of discarded paperwork, a used rolodex, and pens. I would meticulously unpack my belongings mimicking the set-up of my father’s wooden desk and begin booking my own imaginary freight, sitting right there beside him, learning from the best.

ARPCO was founded on August 18, 1988 as a transportation brokerage company facilitating the transportation of domestic shipments. It came to fruition amidst the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 and the Commercial Motor Vehicle Act of 1986. Regardless of the instability that was created around these acts, ARPCO thrived and began to grow. In 1994, ARPCO began to hire help for dispatch and accounting, and in 1997, ARPCO opened in its first commercial location in Grapevine, Texas.

It’s now August of 2013, twenty-five years later. Albert has his own office, and I have traded in the purple suitcase for a black computer bag. None-the-less, we are a family operated business that welcomes staff, customers, and carriers alike, as just that, family. Currently, ARPCO’s operations include the safe and legal OTR (Over the Road) and Intermodal Transport of B2B (Business to Business) shipments nationwide including truckload, LTL, intermodal rail, specialized and over-dimensional freight, and Hazmat shipment.

In twenty-five years, we have learned what is important to our customers and carriers alike, and we offer these services daily. To our valued carrier partners, ARPCO guarantees payment of freight bills within 30 days whether or not ARPCO has been paid. In addition to this better-than-a-bond-payment-guarantee, ARPCO offers flexible payment terms for small trucking companies and owner operators to facilitate their cash flow. To our valued customers, we offer added value to our services by utilizing industry best practices in our carrier selection process to ensure that we hire only safe and reliable companies to transport our customer’s freight, cellular GPS freight tracking on all of our shipments, and a live representative in our night dispatch department that tracks our freight after hours. We offer competitive pricing and reliable service to earn our clients business. We adhere to a strict code of ethics, and operate within the guide lines and regulations as set forth by the DOT/FMCSA.  ARPCO is also a member in good standing with the TIA and is PC10 certified.

Every one of these guarantees stems from the four pillars that form the basis on which Albert has built ARPCO’s successful business foundation: Excellence, Goodwill, Integrity, and Enterprise. As Albert says, “People like doing business with people they know and trust will deliver on their promises.” So, for twenty-five years, we have been doing just that, – promising we will work harder, longer, and smarter, today, tomorrow, and every day, leaving no stone unturned, to bring you quality service, added values, and cost savings on all your shipments.

On August 18, 2013, we celebrated twenty-five successful years in the transportation and logistics industry. We would like to send out a special thank you to all of our carriers, customers, vendors, and staff for making this possible. As a side note, I still have that purple suitcase. It serves as a continual reminder that with hard work and dedication a dream can come to fruition and with integrity and honesty, any business can succeed.

Keep trucking.Facebook_Cover_25Anniv_lutz


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