Being Green is the “SmartWay!”

Did you know there is a government agency specially designed to promote fuel-efficiency and promote green initiatives in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint in the trucking industry? There is! It is called SmartWay and is defined by the EPA website as “a public/private collaboration between the USEPA and the freight transportation industry that helps freight shippers, carriers, and logistics companies improve fuel-efficiency and save money.” The goal is to reduce inefficiencies, reduce carbon emissions through green initiatives, and provide information to the transportation industry and the public.

ARPCO Transport Services is proud to announce that we have been approved, yet again, as a 2013 member in good standing of SmartWay! This makes three consecutive years of SmartWay Partnership for ARPCO!

SmartWay is a free program open to freight shippers, truck carriers, logistics companies, multimodal carriers, and rail carriers (which just about encompasses every division of the freight transportation industry) who qualify under certain guidelines to be a member of this green partnership.

At this point you may be wondering what are the steps for becoming a SmartWay Partner? Well, they are as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

  • 1. Determine your Partnership Type
  • 2. Complete your SmartWay Partnership Tool
  • 3. Submit your SmartWay Partnership Tool to the EPA for evaluation and approval

Once you are approved to be a SmartWay Partner you are added to the Partner & Affiliate Lists (Yup! You will find ARPCO there.) and you will find yourself among the elite group of logistics providers that are truly concerned about a green future.

Trivia Time! Did you know that out of the approximately 200,000 transportation providers only 1,200 are SmartWay? SO, ARPCO is 1 in 1,200 out of 200,000? That’s a pretty exclusive group! Good reason to be shouting our membership from the mountain top, eh?


SmartWay offers many efficient options and incentives to fleets for green sustainability in the trucking industry.
Such as (Information provided by the SmartWay website):

  • Trailer Gap Reducer and Trailer Side Skirts (used in combination with one another); Trailer Boat Tail and Trailer Side Skirts (used in combination with one another);
  • Advanced Trailer End Fairing; and,
  • Advanced Trailer Skirts.
  • Verified Idling Reduction Technologies
  • Verified Low Rolling Resistance Tires and Retread Tires
  • Retrofits, i.e. diesel oxidation and diesel particulate filters
  • SmartWay Designated Tractors and Trailers
  • Federal Excise Tax Exemption – This excludes certain idling reduction devices and advanced insulation from the federal excise tax.

So, take a look at the SmartWay website and see how you can improve green sustainability in the trucking industry. If you are interested in moving your freight with a SmartWay Partner and do your part in being green, we invite you to call us up at (817) 481-7442 or shoot us an email to! We promise reliable service, competitive pricing, and environmental responsibility.

Visit for ALL the details and join ARPCO in moving the SmartWay!



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