Martha Puig Named VP of ARPCO Transport Services – August 2014

An Announcement from the President of ARPCO Transport Services:


Martha Puig came to work for ARPCO immediately after graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Texas in Denton. For the past 4 years Martha has managed the administrative portion of our business as my executive assistant – this area encompasses the carrier vetting dept, the accounts receivable and payables, vendors, credit, HR, IT, payroll, and staffing. Her leadership style, which is based on a lead by example approach, has encouraged those around her to adopt a “Yes, we can” attitude. Martha has a willingness to get involved with team projects, as well as her personal projects, to get the job done. We are experiencing growth in every area of our business due, in part, to Martha’s work ethic. She brings a sense of positive urgency and energy to the work place that ensures that deadlines are met and employees and customers alike are kept satisfied. The next area of growth for Martha in the business will be direct involvement with the sales and operations floor. I believe that Martha will continue to be a great asset to our company as we begin our 26th year in business.

– Albert Puig, ARPCO President

Congratulations to Martha Puig, our new Vice-President!




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