Affinity Assistance Program

Mike's Kids
Mike’s Kids drivers.


ARPCO Transport Services operates under four foundational pillars – Excellence, Integrity, Enterprise and Goodwill. ARPCO team members volunteer with a number of organizations, and provide year round assistance to numerous local charities. However, during the holiday season we exercise the value of goodwill by facilitating the transportation of needed goods from donors to receiving charitable organizations nationwide through our Affinity Assistance Program.

The Affinity Assistance Program was started by founder and President Albert Puig as a means to help combat American poverty. According to recent federal statistics 45 million Americans live below the poverty line. That is 1 in 7 or 14% of the total American population. Of these Americans many are food-insecure including 13 million children. Puig believes that transportation and logistics professionals are uniquely situated to help mitigate this problem. He states that “There is no shortage of food in America, yet is there is hunger, the problem is lack of transportation.” Through the Affinity Assistance Program charitable organizations can request aid in moving food, clothing, and even medical supplies to different distribution locations across the United States. ARPCO partners with carriers to provide the equipment and logistical support, most often, free of charge. This holiday season ARPCO has chosen to assist several charities with their transportation needs in an effort to reduce poverty and spread goodwill towards our fellow men.

Operation Care International: Operation Care International is a global organization that provides for the physical and spiritual needs of the impoverished and homeless. Each year they host a Christmas Celebration at the Dallas, TX Convention Center. At this event the destitute and homeless are provided food, clothing, hygiene products, medical exams, haircuts, and hope through fun Christmas themed activities and prayer.

Mike’s Kids: Mike’s Kids is an organization that gathers toys and shoes for poor and abandoned children living in the Rio Grande River Valley. The toys and shoes are collected from different partners in the North Texas area and are distributed by Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries to children in South Texas and in border communities in Mexico. The organization on average gathers 1,600 boxes of toys and shoes each year.

Miracle Deliverance Temple: This faith based organization provides meals for the impoverished in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

Buckner International: Founded in 1879 as a means to ease the suffering of families after the Civil War, Buckner International has grown into a global organization. The organization provides a number of services for vulnerable children, seniors, young adults, and women as well as foster care and adoption support. ARPCO Transport Services specifically assists Buckner with their largest initiative Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls. This special ministry provides new shoes and socks to children in the United States and in different locations across the globe.

The Affinity Assistance Program is a distinctive way in which ARPCO Transport Services makes a huge difference in our community. We are truly blessed and believe that because we are given much, much is required. To apply for assistance through the Affinity Assistance Program follow the below link.

Affinity Assistance Application


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