In August of 1988, ARPCO Transport Services officially opened its doors from its location in Founder and CEO’s, Albert Puig, home. At this time ARPCO was a transportation brokerage company which facilitated and arranged the transportation of domestic shipments. In only a short time, ARPCO transformed from a one-man operation to a thriving business.

As the transition into the digital age took place, ARPCO adjusted to this change in 1994 by shifting all of its brokerage processes from manual to automated systems by utilizing programs such as KeyPoint and Windows. In 1997, ARPCO purchased and moved into its first commerc

ial location in Grapevine, Texas which is highlighted as a major turning point in the company’s growth. In 2009, ARPCO moved into its current location and underwent a complete hardware and software upgrade to accommodate the changes and advancements in the transportation industry.

In 2010, after an extended leave of absence, Albert Puig returned to an active role within the company revitalizing ARPCO’s four foundational principles: Excellence, Goodwill, Integrity, and Enterprise. Since his return, ARPCO’s customer base has expanded, their load count has increased, and they have added-value-services for the benefit of their client and carrier base.

By incorporating these principles, ARPCO has seen an increase in revenue and long-term customer satisfaction. Currently, AR

PCO Transport Services is a transportation company specializing in dry van service, temperature controlled, flatbed equipment, and over-dimensional shipments for their customers as well as ocean import and inter-modal rail. ARPCO is dedicated to ensuring the safe and legal OTR (Over the Road) and Inter-modal Transportation of B2B (Business to Business) shipments nationwide. ARPCO adheres to a strict code of ethics and operate within the guidelines set forth by Dot, FMSCA, and TIA.

In 2012, ARPCO continues to maintain the high standard of service it held in 1988, and will continue in this spirit of excellence in years to come.


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