The V.A.L.U.E.S. of Freight Tracking

Let’s play a word association game.

I say “freight tracking,” you may say: hassle, inconvenience, invasion of privacy, and benefiting only the manufacturer/shipper. But what if I told you that freight tracking benefits more than just the manufacturer/shipper?

What if I even went as far as to say that freight tracking adds value, adaption, longevity, uniformity, excellence, and safety to the carrier? Not convinced? Let me explain.

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Affinity – It Means We Care

Have you visited the ARPCO website recently? For those of you that have NOT been on it, cough *lame* cough, you will see a plethora of transportation related tabs involving available loads, services, and freight quotes- a standard and relevant website for the industry. However, let me point out one other tab that you will not find on many, if any other, transportation business’ websites.

Affinity Page

ARPCO Affinity Page

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I Don’t Date; I Marry – I Am a Salesperson

Your hands are shaking. Your pulse is pounding. Your palms are two pools of sweat. You are ready to commit. It is a big step in only a short period of time – only a few phones calls and a couple of emails have been exchanged.  You have bought flowers and scoped out the competition ensuring availability.

“I am done dating,” you declare to yourself. “We have danced enough, I want to marry you!”

You dial the number, make the final sales-pitch, and cross your fingers that they will exuberantly say, “Yes!”

“I don’t dance,” said ARPCO’s president, Albert Puig, in an sales meeting with ARPCO’s account managers. “I want to marry the perspective customer as soon as possible.”

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The Logistics Questions You Need to Ask; ARPCO Can Answer


This is me, but female.

Back in February, I came across an informative Better Business Bureau blog called “Questions to Ask before Trusting a Logistics Company with Your Shipment.” As the designated social media Facebooker, Tweeter, Blogger, and general Marketing Misfit for ARPCO Transport Services, a logistics company in Grapevine, TX, I decided that we are up to the challenge of successfully answering all four of these very important and pertinent questions.

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Facts About ARPCO!

ImageRecently, on Twitter we trended tirelessly t’while tastefully telling of thirty tiny tweet-tags talking of ARPCO’s terrific facts. (Whew! Say that five times fast.)

Or in an intelligent sentence, ARPCO followed the hashtag trend #30FactsAboutMe on Twitter. (Not nearly as much fun to say or read, but that’s just my opinion.)

I asked all members of the ARPCO team to email me three to four sentences about ARPCO, including why they enjoy working at ARPCO and facts they would like to share. In turn, I would like to share their 30+ responses with you.

Here is what they said!

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ARPCO Has Gone Green!

At ARPCO, we are all blue (No, not emotionally). We have a blue logo, blue color-schemed media sites, blue carpet, and even blue default screen savers on our company computers.

But, at our heart,

we are all green.

(No, not with envy)

You may be wondering how a small family-owned brokerage office of less than twenty-five employees can really make an impact, but in our industry, even the smallest changes make a big difference. So, we cracked down, put our heads together (Gently), and began analyzing and researching how to improve our Eco-friendly, green standards.

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Keeping It Simple


Well, we are not quite that small.


As you can see, or read, ARPCO is now blogging, but what can you hope to gain from this blog?

Our hope is that you will become familiar with ARPCO. Plain and simple.

We are a small, family-owned business that operates off of four simple principles. Excellence, Integrity, Goodwill, and Enterprise. In twenty-five years, (Yes, you will be hearing about our upcoming anniversary!) we have seen it all. It is from this quarter-of-a-century knowledge and experience that we will be drawing from for our posts.

We will familiarize you with our logistics services, inner-office departments, and amazing staff (Excellence Pillar). We will post updates specific to the transportation and logistics industry (Enterprise Pillar), while offering insights and interviews from our President, Albert Puig, who founded ARPCO in his home in 1988. Also, we will promote our green initiatives (Integrity Pillar) and highlight our Affinity Program, which deals with charitable assistance for those in need (Goodwill Pillar).

We honor a simple promise:

“ARPCO is on call 24 hours a day & 7 days a week to ensure the on time pick-up & delivery of YOUR freight.”

We believe in this simple saying:

“People like doing business with people they know and trust will deliver on their promises.”

As you can see, we are a transaction-based brokerage business that keeps it simple. In simplicity is efficiency.

So, let’s begin. We look forward to keeping it simple with you here on ARPCO Says.