Drivers, Start Your…Medical Examinations?

I officially need to uncross my eyes after reading the 75 plus pages of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners Final Ruling write-up by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

What a ton of valuable information!

Cross-eyed, crossed eyes

In a nutshell, medical examiners (ME) are now required be listed on a national registry as a Certified Medical Examiner by the FMCSA, a part of the new MAP-21 ruling, to administer medical examinations for driver health eligibility.

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What is your “Little Pink Spoon?”

“How does Baskin Robbins get you into the door,” asked Lisa Ann Landry. “Do they give away a gallon of ice cream? No! But will they let you eat a gallon’s worth of ice cream in samples off of those little pink spoons that they keep in buckets on the counter? Yes! So, as a small business, what is your little pink spoon?”

What is your social media strategy? What is the niche that you are offering enticing samples of via social media?

What is your pink spoon?

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I Won’t Say “Verses (vs)” – Freight Brokers and Forwarders – The Amiable Definition of Both

There are no “Class of 2013” banners hanging in the hall or insecure hands tucked away in Letterman Jackets, but here I am suddenly in a high-school anyway. I hear taunting calls and adolescent gestures, so desperately alluding to adult provocations, as I realize that I have stepped into the middle of a high-school-girl-cat-fight.


“Try and hit me, Freight Forwarders.”

The earrings are coming off, Ladies and Gents, as the true definition of freight forwarders and freight brokers is disputed.

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The Partnership Selling Challenge: ARPCO Edition – Part 2

One class. 
Study guides. Printed AND Online assessments.Videos. And…
The Partnership Selling Challenge: ARPCO Edition
Only 22 weeks to enhance their sales skills by learning the survival basics of marketing principles, sales concepts, and the cutthroat drama of exposing common mistakes made by brokerage salespeople.

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